Can I Get Paid For A Healthy Lifestyle AND Protect My Family?

I recently became a member of the Vitality Program. I am sharing this life changing Vitality Program with friends, business associates and family members who may be considering additional retirement income, life insurance or long term care coverage. As a health conscious insurance agent, I have to say this Vitality program is very unique in providing valuable quality of life extension with useful benefits while we are alive. With the crazy world we live in, that is good news!!! In addition to getting a FREE Fitbit watch ($99 value), the Vitality program provides additional rewards for performing the following activities:

  • Walking around your house or across the Walmart parking lot

  • Walking around the super market or shopping mall

  • Purchasing fruits and vegetables

  • Getting a flu shot

  • Lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Yearly checkup at your doctor and dentist

  • Reading nutrition articles and performing many other calorie burning wellness activities like running, biking, swimming, hiking, home workouts etc..

I have my TomTom GPS watch and my free Vitality Fitbit automatically feeding my wellness activities into my Vitality Program account to qualify for the following BENEFITS:

  • Up to $600 per year in savings on fruits and vegetable purchases

  • Lowering life insurance premium up to 15% yearly

  • Gift card rewards

CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE AN FREE APPOINTMENT TO START A DISCUSSION ABOUT HOW THE VITALITY PROGRAM CAN IMPROVE YOUR PHYSICAL FITNESS AND FINANCIAL FITNESS. P.S.: Medicare and most job retirement plans do not cover long term care. The least expensive premium cost for long term care is at our healthiest CURRENT AGE. Even though my wife and I already have life insurance policies, we added additional life policies with riders that allow accessing the TOTAL life insurance benefit to cover long term care expenses. This augments and compliments our dedicated long term care policies at a significantly lower cost. Long term care coverage is not just for end of life. Long term care coverage is also for extended care services and equipment required to recover from an illness / injury at a rehab center or at home.

Just little food for thought to feed your millionaire mindset . . . CLICK HERE for Free business mentorship coaching.


After smoking for 20 years, Carl E. Reid quit smoking December 2, 2012. The following week Carl started his health and wellness journey by training to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. He completed that marathon and raised over $1,800 for a nonprofit community cause. Fast forward 8 years, at age 63 Carl has completed over 80 races including 7 marathons, 3 indoor triathlons and 25 half marathons. CEO of, Carl E. Reid is a Speaker, Author, Social Media Influencer at the intersections of Technology, Leadership, Business Mentorship | Fundraising Marathon🏃Runner🎖️USMC Veteran Author of 3 books and several articles about networking, Carl is an expert in business relationship management. Mr. Reid has mentored many people to maneuver their careers around the uncertain job landscape and start successful freelance businesses. Connect with Carl: | | | |

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