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You can receive email notifications for upcoming World Marathon Majors, which are considered six of the most prestigious and renowned of all the marathons in the world. This is due to theses running races being some of the largest and most difficult marathons to get into. Each requires either an elite invitation, a pre-qualifying time, entrance through a lottery ballot, or gaining a bib via a charity application by raising significant funds. Upon completion of all six marathons, you can receive the notorious 6-star medal, which only as of August 2020, ONLY 6,619 people have earned. Register below to receive email notifications so you don't missed out on your future runner goals. Personally, I haver only run the TCS New York City and Marine Corps marathons. My near 6 hour times would never qualify for the world marathon majors, but I'm OK with my running achievements.

Tokyo Marathon

Boston Marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon

BMW Berlin Marathon

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

TCS New York City Marathon


After smoking for 20 years, Carl E. Reid quit smoking December 2, 2012. The following week Carl started his health and wellness journey by training to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. He completed that marathon and raised over $1,800 for a nonprofit community cause. Fast forward 8 years, at age 63 Carl has completed over 80 races including 7 marathons, 3 indoor triathlons and 25 half marathons.

CEO of, Carl E. Reid is a Speaker, Author, Social Media Influencer at the intersections of Technology, Leadership, Business Mentorship | Fundraising Marathon🏃Runner🎖️USMC Veteran

Author of 3 books and several articles about networking, Carl is an expert in business relationship management. Mr. Reid has mentored many people to maneuver their careers around the uncertain job landscape and start successful freelance businesses.

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